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If, however, it is found that the quality construct is contextual, in terms of either the characteristics of the construct or the ways in which they can be observed, then no further efforts aimed at developing a direct measure of perceived quality in leisure, tourism and hospitality should be undertaken. Instead, the research focus should be placed solely on developing sound indirect measures of quality in leisure, tourism and hospitality that would contribute to observing the inherent characteristics of quality leisure, tourism and hospitality services.

This process could ultimately lead to the development of a quality index that incorporates all associated measures. The process of developing sound measures of quality in leisure, tourism and hospitality proposed in this paper is a long-term one and requires a great deal of effort on the part of researchers. However, this process is unavoidable, if research and theory on quality measurement is to progress and benefit the leisure, tourism and hospitality practitioners.

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  1. Advances in hospitality and leisure. [electronic resource] / Vol. 8.
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