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Check if you have access via personal or institutional login. Log in Register. His other research has included books, articles, documentaries, talks, and exhibits that cover aspects of the local and regional story, including the history of the Lebanese community, the African American community, aviation, ethnic entrepreneurship, Tornado Alley, the oil industry, the Cherokee Strip, local rock bands, religious architecture, and regional identity. Several of these projects have involved students who serve as co-authors and co-researchers.

E-mail: jay. She received her Ph.

Her research interests include operations management, business modeling, information systems, and ethnic entrepreneurship. She publishes her research in elite academic and practitioner journals, such as Decision Sciences Journal and European Journal of Operations Research. She also consults with local businesses and trains executive professionals on various topics, including operations management strategy, lean principles, quality control, and capacity planning.

E-mail: sue. Hughes in an anthropological archeologist at Wichita State University; his primary focus has been on prehistoric trade and exchange networks across the southern Great Plains of the United States. His somewhat eclectic career as a field scientist has led him to explore Pleistocene Mammoth remains, middle-prehistoric bison kill sites, and late prehistoric village period sites see www. Over the past few years, he has begun to combine these disparate interests through analysis with geographic information systems, and was instrumental in beginning a GIS program at WSU.

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America Will Only Remain ‘Majority White’ If Blacks Remain an Underclass

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Hispanic Basketball - Rudy Mancuso & Anwar Jibawi

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Wong , Wayne Hung. Edited by Tong , Benson. Urbana : University of Illinois Press , Wrobel , David M. Values on the block plummet. Folks find themselves holding underwater mortgages and walk away, loosing not only their only real asset, but dooming the block because this sort of thing is self accelerating. It is one of those things where what is good for each individual bank — eviction and resale — dooms the neighborhood and thus the banks as a whole do not do well and neither does anyone else except the drug gangs.

Capitalism occasionally does produce this sort of self-eating frenzy and it should be controlled. Most of this appeared to be plain rent-seeking by local government although one instance detailed a government in cahoots with a developer, keen to upscale a blue collar neighbourhood at the expense of its current neighbourhoods. Nothing is ever simple.

But the doc I saw showed decent folks just trying to save their neighborhoods.

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Many of these same immigrants have a history of electing corrupt right-wing governments. Something we all need to think about. No, no, no! Only the left can ever be corrupt.

Latinos, Blacks, Afro-Latinos

Right wing is such an ambiguous term. It can be applied to Strict Constitutionalist, authoritarian nationalist, libertarians, social conservatives and outright racists, especially as every country and culture has a different interpretation and sometimes overlap occurs. I can opposed illegal immigration and support more liberal, merit based immigration i. This means that I can support stricter border enforcement and internal enforcement with the correct protection for due process. A neo-nazi also supports stricter border enforcement, but for different reasons.

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I support strict interpretation of the Constitution, and when not overturned by subsequent amendments, support strict originalist interpretations. I also support strongly politicians American who place emphasis on America first as I would expect British politicians to do the same whenever feasible. I support a strong military but believe military adventuresome should be reined in. The binary options of conservative or progressive are so incorrect that it boggles the mind. I suppose I knew this was true. Are white Americans really afraid of becoming a minority?

If so, why? Fear is an emotion. Emotions come from thoughts. Thoughts may or may not be rational. We can put them to the test by putting them into words:. The latter part of the sentence suggests that some Americans feel strongly enough about this that they will elect politicians who they hope will act to preserve a white majority. Is that true? If it is true, those people should be able and willing to complete at least one of those sentences.