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The work was dedicated to King James; the copy which belonged to his queen, Anne of Denmark, is now in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge. Museum Quarterly 19 , 75 — 81 ; van der Meer , G. Wright , C. For Cotton and Speed, see Howarth , D. Wright , , pp.

In Speed's system which may be a refinement of an older system , the cross flory served on its own for kings from Egbert to Eadwig, including Alfred; the badge becomes a cross flory between four martlets, for kings from Edgar to Edmund Ironside; a fifth martlet was then added at the base of the cross, for Edward the Confessor.

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University College, Oxford, seems to have adopted its own coat of arms a cross flory between four martlets from this system, presumably in the fond belief that these arms were Alfred's. XIX Douay , For another Jacobean drama with an Alfredian theme, in which Alfred defends his kingdom against King Canute, and grants a charter to Newcastle, see Howell , R.

Together with a Parallel of our Soveraigne Lord K. Charles untili this year, London , ; repr. Wilson and bibliographical notes by Tyas , S. Stamford, Hearne ,. For the Latin translation, see [ Walker , O.

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Walker ,. Hearne , , pp. Hearne , , p. See also Brewer , D. Spelman's text was copied c. The descriptions are from Bernard , E. Univ 5 , cited by Coxe , H. Oxford , 1, 38 by which time both were missing. Quarterly Hughes , , — , with notes. In both cases, Milton cites the Mirror of Justices.

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Fogle , F. New Haven, CT , See also Carnicelli , T. Hunter , W. Lewisburg , — I, 51 —3 , and Hamilton , G. Loewenstein , D. Fogle , , ; Milton , , History of Britain , p. Rymer became historiographer royal in , and is better known for his Foedera — For further comment, see Osborn , J. Blair , II, 3 — 25 , and Blair , C. II, —6. Yale , D.

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It is repr. Gray , C. Chicago , ; but cf. Lecture London , , pp. See also Cromartie, Sir Matthew Hale , pp. Yale , , pp. Gray , , pp. For Hale and the Norman Conquest, see also ibid. Preface, pp. See also Douglas , D. Oxford , — II, 1, n. Hearne's remarks in his diary, 24 Feb. Alfred, painted a pretty many Years agoe. There is not that Briskness neither in the Face as should be.

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Doble , C. Heyworth , , pp. The engravings do not include the college's coat of arms, on which see above, n. For Charles I, see also Howarth , D. Roberts , J. The portrait of the queen conforms to the standard iconographic type for Elizabeth of York: see Strong , R. London , I, 97 —8. Sutherland , L. Oxford , , —64, at —9. Walker , , pl.

It was presumably one of the portraits of founders commissioned for the picture gallery, c. Rous above, pp. Universitatis Oxon. Circa Ao Chr. Hujus summi Regis Effigiem a Tabula in Bibl. Summa cum Humil. Faber Ao London , I, opp. See also F[irth] , A.

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I am grateful to Dr Robin Darwall-Smith for supplying me with a photocopy. The letter is also cited by Newman , J. Tyacke , N. Tyacke , , pp. He was educated at Eton and at King's College, Cambridge. In the event, Walker published five engraved plates of coins, which are not in themselves unimportant in the history of Anglo-Saxon numismatics. The first pl. III shows the coins found at Harkirke, Lanes. Leicester , , pp. The other four plates pls. Remarks and Collections , ed. Doble , et al. Walker's own copy, with extensive annotations, is preserved in the library of University College, Oxford.

I am grateful to Ms Christine Ritchie for enabling me to examine the book in November David , Loggan's view of the rebuilt University College, published in his Oxonia Illustrata , shows the outer face of the gate-tower with two niches for statues, both then empty; see The Encyclopedia of Oxford , ed. Hibbert , C. Alfred was later replaced over the gate tower by Queen Anne, who remains in situ. The statue was still there in the s, but is alas there no more. The ancient stained glass in the west window has not survived; but for an account of it in the early seventeenth century, see Jackson , T.

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Mary the Virgin Oxford Oxford , , pp. The windows, which would appear to have originated c. For their later history, cf.

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I, and in Wise's edition of Asser p. Sutherland , and Mitchell , , pp.

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See also Stanley , E. Bremmer , R. Jr , Stud. Gibson , Edmund — had entered The Queen's College in Rawlinson , C. Rawlinson — entered The Queen's College in , and worked with assistance from Thwaites. Heyworth , , p. For the Elstobs, see Gretsch , M. See also A Chorus of Grammars , ed.