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Ian Fleming was born in London on May 28, to a wealthy English family. He was educated at prestigious institutions such as Eton and Sandhurst military academy in England, Germany and Switzerland.

George Meredith | English novelist |

Before attaining fame as a writer, Fleming pursued journalism at Reuters during after which he took up banking During his years in the Naval Intelligence, Fleming obtained the rank of Lieutenant moving on to becoming a Commander. He was the full time assistant of the director, the right hand man of Admiral John Godfrey who was a top British spymaster. All the while plotting and executing dangerous missions, Fleming fed his imagination. His experiences were later reflected in his adventurous James Bond tales. ~ TV HOST - COLUMNIST - AUTHOR - FILM HISTORIAN ~

Towards the end of his career as a secret service agent, Ian discovered the beautiful island of Jamaica, away from war, full of peace and pleasure where he would later build a house and write his famous Bond series. After retiring, Fleming started building his new career of writing and a home in Jamaica. The house, although huge was simple with no air conditioning or hot water plumbing.

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Heath is quietly terrified at the prospect of what may happen, not just for the obvious reason but also because he's experienced this situation once before and saved himself at the cost of the other plane and its crew. Meanwhile, flying in the opposite direction on the same course is a DC-7 commercial airliner flown by Dick Barnett Dana Andrews , a veteran pilot, and carrying a full load of passengers, each with their own worries.

Much of the first 85 minutes of this thriller is devoted to the passengers and crew of the airliner struggling with their personal problems, told in extensive flashbacks. Both Barnett and Heath have their personal trials, the latter including an unhappy marriage to a faithless wife Rhonda Fleming ; Barnett's troubles are more complicated, and concern long-time problems with his co-pilot, Mike Rule John Kerr , whose own personal conflicts involve his artist father, his own conflicting love of flying and art, and his relationship with head stewardess Anne Francis who never looked better than she does in this movie.

The extensive flashbacks will push the patience of modern audiences almost to the breaking point, but they do pay off -- and except for the archaic late s slang which, ironically, was intended to make the movie seem up-to-date that litters the dialogue, and a silly subplot involving a Broadway method actor on his way to Hollywood, the material is worth watching, despite the soap-opera-ish elements, as the suspense gets ratcheted up gradually.

The movie piles on hints and clues some of them false about the impending danger that turn the last 20 minutes or so into a neat cinematic thrill-ride for its time.


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