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Seller Inventory VIB Seller Inventory M Book Description Condition: New. Abraham, Jay. Publisher: Truman Talley Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Jay Abraham, a trusted advisor to many top corporations,brings together more than two hundred brilliant business-career ideas in this, his first major book. Buy New Learn more about this copy.

Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. And I really want to ask you a few questions around that. What a great question. And if the enemy is arrogance or hyperbole, you can defuse it right away. James: So that would be like an insulation technique. With a third party, you have license to be a lot more aggressive. A third way is just to establish achievements. I went from this to that.

I was involved in this that went from that to that. These prominent people were mentees of mine, etc.

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James: That was awesome. And I asked you about that in the loft apartment. And so I would get at the source, I would look up words, and I would use them 20 or 30 times a day in conversation. And it evolved to the point that I realized the more precise and dimensionalized your communication, the more powerful its impact.

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James: Yeah, that is perfect. You do a lot of consulting and workshops, and I see you up on stage in a chair answering questions, which as it turns out, is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Is everything internalized, or do you actually store things or collect things, you know, in physical format, anywhere?

Jay: Yeah, I used to. But you know, I trust in my experiences to draw very clarified and very appropriate answers, and it normally supports my expectations. James: That is a great answer.


I mean, one of the greatest joys and privileges I think I have been blessed with is every year Tony Robbins and I do about seven hours together of problem-solving with his very, very, very high-end groups. James: You have a base of cost accounting. How important is accounting in what you do? Jay: Yeah. But I think understanding correlations, implications, allocations, yield, highest and best use of time, effort, money. James: I agree with you.

Especially the one about budgets, I used to come up against that one a lot, especially in larger corporations. One of the best books on that topic is actually Mr. Jay: Sure. And that is that I had a very large client that I spent a lot of years with. And I gave him collections of every piece of body of work I had ever created. This is basically back in the mids. And I was incredulous, shocked.

I was going to sue him. And I got a copy of the book. Not even a book.

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It was a business-building master handbook, almost, that was just amazing. And he organized it masterfully and he articulated it brilliantly. And all these things were really good. So it was pretty cool. I should. About a year ago, Russell Brunson asked if he could print of them and I let him. But this is funny. I took it off the market for two reasons — I get burnt out, just like I used to do a lot of seminars, huge ones. But it was predicated on joint ventures and endorsements. And I had to set them all up and I had to write cover letters that were unique. And then as the internet came into being, it was grievously devoid of anything on online marketing.

And I took it off the market with an intent to upgrade with a whole chapter; it was going to be a whole section on that. Jay: Right. A chapter from him might be a great solution. I definitely think the concepts in there are solid. Jay: He was going to and then he got busy. Was it ClickFunnels? I mean, we did a quarter billion dollars of seminars in a couple of years. We have a couple of new theses, pardon me, that I just have been working on that are pretty cool that I might start teaching again.

But same thing with selling Mr. X, I just got bored and wanted to do something else. But it probably was a mistake, because again, it was making not just money for me, but it was making the recipients of the book enormous amounts of money. So if you look at the numbers, it was profound.

James: I really did want to ask you about that, about your energy, and if you spend time thinking about you. Like, do you work on your own business as well? So do you spend time thinking about how you would tune yourself? But I never really built, I never liked my own business.

And then as we got into the online market, I had a very big challenge. But the more I knew my own flaws, the harder it was to write copy about how great I was. So we never could find anything that sort of satisfied me, and I got, frankly, tired of creating products. We have 12 programs I created just as boutique programs, more to see what could come out of my mind for three days on a subject. We sold maybe 15 people at five or 10 grand for a beta program, and I never sold it again.

And on the way to the Maldives, I was reading about relationship capital. And watching you, and when I see you in China and doing an event etc. You can do that. You have momentum, velocity working for you.

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But yeah, if you do that, I would recommend that. I think for you, having a new denominator is very beautiful. You want to have a portfolio of relationships that are very diverse. When I used to do it at my peak, it was stimulating because I knew for, example, on the 15th of the month I was in the money with salespeople that were working for one client. After the , mailing of a million-piece mailing, I was in the money.