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Dream On. Rated 2. Alfred Publishing Co. The West Wing. Thirtysomething Thirtysomething. View All. I think this arrangement is excellent - but wheres the rest of the piece? Did you find this review helpful? LOG IN to comment on this review. This is a great piece by Mr. Snuffy Walden. The notation is very accurate.

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Just to clear up any confusion, this IS the complete song from start to finish. I often play this song in public, and even if they dont recognize it from the brilliant tv series, people appreciate its gravitas and enjoy the piece on its own. Learning to play this song certainly made my day. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Toggle navigation. Save on Every Order! Musicnotes Pro. Become a Member Today! Add to Cart. Learn more. Transpose 0. Retrieved May 22, Television Academy Interviews. January 1, OC Weekly. April 26, March 16, Retrieved March 17, Pasadena International Film Festival.

Retrieved March 19, Snuffy Walden" PDF. GSA Music. Archived from the original PDF on February 24, I'll Fly Away.

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Stephen King's The Stand. My So-Called Life. Early Edition. Billboard Magazine. Beverly Hills, California.

Retrieved October 4, Snuffy Walden - W. Snuffy Walden - Songs, Reviews, Credits". Houston Press. Archived from the original on May 23, Retrieved May 23, Variety Television Reviews Series.

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Retrieved May 24, Archived from the original on May 26, Retrieved May 26, TV Year. Hollywood Elite Composers. In Beavers' opinion, a critical analysis of the show's political views can present a worthwhile learning experience to the viewer. While it aired, The West Wing offered viewers an idealist liberal administration that provided a sort of catharsis to those on the left who felt that their political beliefs were largely forgotten or ignored in the era of the Bush administration.

One of the stranger effects of the show occurred on January 31, , when The West Wing was said to have played a hand in defeating a proposal backed by Tony Blair 's government in the British House of Commons , during the so-called " West Wing Plot". The plan was allegedly hatched after a Conservative Member of Parliament watched the episode " A Good Day ", in which Democrats block a bill aimed at limiting stem cell research, by appearing to have left Washington D.

A number of episodes referred to a practice of the administration having one day each year on which they accepted meetings with people or groups who would not normally receive an audience with high-level White House staffers, referring to the event as "Big Block of Cheese Day". The name came from the fact that President Andrew Jackson had a large wheel of cheese placed in the White House from which the public were invited to eat during a reception, [38] while discussing issues of the day with politicians.

Cregg during a White House press briefing. Despite its commercial and critical success, The West Wing has also received criticism from the left. Jewish Journal columnist Naomi Pfefferman once referred to The West Wing as "The Left Wing" because of its portrayal of an ideal liberal administration, and the moniker has also been used by Republican critics of the show. On the other hand, some Republicans have admired the show since its inception, even before the departure of Sorkin and the show's resulting shift toward the center.

He obeys the Constitution and the law. He is devoted to his wife and daughters.

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Being unfaithful to his wife would never cross his mind. He is no wimp when it comes to foreign policy—no quid pro quo for him. Journalist Matthew Miller wrote, "although the show indeed has a liberal bias on issues, it presents a truer, more human picture of the people behind the headlines than most of today's Washington journalists. In its first season, The West Wing attracted critical attention in the television community with a record nine Emmy wins.

The show has been praised for its high production values and repeatedly recognized for its cinematic achievements. The West Wing is noted for developing the " walk-and-talk "—long Steadicam tracking shots showing characters walking down hallways while involved in long conversations. In a typical "walk-and-talk" shot, the camera leads two characters down a hallway as they speak to each other. One of these characters generally breaks off and the remaining character is then joined by another character, who initiates another conversation as they continue walking.

These "walk-and-talks" create a dynamic feel for what would otherwise be long expository dialogue, and have become a staple for dialogue-intensive television show scenes. In its first season, The West Wing garnered nine Emmys, a record for most won by a series in its first season. Law and Mad Men for most won in this category. Each of its seven seasons earned a nomination for the award.

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With its 26 total awards, The West Wing tied with Hill Street Blues as the drama with the most Emmy wins [56] until Game of Thrones broke the record for most wins in , with 35 total awards. The series shares the Emmy Award record for most acting nominations by regular cast members excluding the guest performer category for a single series in one year. Both Hill Street Blues and L. Law also hold that record. For the — season, nine cast members were nominated for Emmys. This gave the series an Emmy Award record for most acting nominations overall including guest performer category in a single year, with 12 acting nominations.

Twenty individual Emmys were awarded to writers, actors, and crew members. Allison Janney is the record holder for most wins by a cast member, with a total of four Emmys. The West Wing won at least one Emmy in each of its seasons except the sixth. The West Wing often featured extensive discussion of current or recent political issues.

After the real-world election of Republican President George W. Bush in , many wondered whether the liberal show could retain its relevance and topicality. However, by exploring many of the same issues facing the Bush administration from a Democratic point of view, the show continued to appeal to a broad audience of both Democrats and Republicans. Jenna Jacobs for her views regarding homosexuality at a private gathering at the White House. Jacobs is a caricature of radio personality Dr.

Laura Schlessinger , who strongly disapproves of homosexuality. Many of the President's biblical references in his comments to Dr. Jacobs appear to have come from an open letter to Dr. Schlessinger, circulated online in early May The Bartlet administration experiences a scandal during the second and third seasons that has been compared to the Monica Lewinsky affair.

The scandal centers around President Bartlet's nondisclosure of his illness to the electorate during the election. He is investigated by an opposition Congress for defrauding the public and eventually accepts Congressional censure. Multiple sclerosis advocacy groups praised the show for its accurate portrayal of the symptoms of MS and stressing that it is not fatal.

The National MS Society commented: [73].

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For the first time on national television or even in film, the public encountered a lead character with both an MS diagnosis and the hope for a continued productive life. Because [The] West Wing is a fictional drama and not a medical documentary, writers could have greatly distorted MS facts to further their story line [but did not]. Following the September 11, attacks , the start of the third season was postponed for a week, as were most American television premieres that year.

The episode " Isaac and Ishmael " aired on October 3 and addresses the sobering reality of terrorism in America and the wider world, albeit with no specific reference to September While "Isaac and Ishmael" received mixed critical reviews, [75] it illustrated the show's flexibility in addressing current events.

The cast of the show state during the opening of the episode that it is not part of The West Wing continuity. While the September 11 attacks are not referenced in The West Wing continuity, the country enters into a variation of the War on Terrorism. Al Qaeda , mentioned briefly by Nancy McNally in the beginning of Season 2 , plays no role in the longer terrorism story arcs of Seasons 3, 4 and 5.

It is only mentioned again in Seasons 6 and 7. The stand-in used instead is the fictional Bahji terror group who first plots to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge. In response, the President orders the assassination of foreign leader Abdul ibn Shareef , one of Bahji's primary backers. This storyline has similarities to the real-world U.