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The 20 Best Glasses for Your Favorite Whiskey

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Read our Cookie Policy. Terms and Conditions. The old fashioned glass with a circular top and bottom that holds enough for a man-sized pour.

A New Slant on Whiskey

A few of these in your cabinet means no guest will ever go thirsty. Let us try to describe what we mean. They fit in your hand and hold liquid, the two main requirements for a glass. These glasses have ovular bases, with an elongated base that fits perfectly in your hand.

The Grip whiskey glass fulfills a similar role, though not as well, in our opinion.

It has an elongated base too, though with more rectangular features instead of the smooth single oval of our previous picks. The Norlan Glass is a glass for people who pay attention to things like temperature, aeration, and flow when they pour their whiskey. We might as well support their decision to get fancy glassware too.

It has double insulation to keep your whiskey at your preferred temperature, lines that indicate perfect measures and pours for mixing cocktails inside the glass itself, and spherical silicone ice molds made specifically for the Duo Glass. Plus, it looks good, unlike most drink products that pack this much into a glass or shaker.

Climb the mountain, see the mountain, at least visit Switzerland. But no, anyone can buy them. They appeal to the whiskey drinker and aspiring mountaineer in all of us, the first of which is much easier to indulge than the second. We talked about the Norlan glass already, so take everything good we said about it up there and turn it black. Actually, come to think of it, this glass combines what we like about the Norlan and what we like about the ceramic cup we talked about earlier, then stacking an infinity mirror on top.

Simply remove the wrap and put it in the dishwasher.

A comprehensive guide to whiskey tasting glasses.

A good whiskey needs room to breathe, and the oak and smoke need to waft your senses and help you truly explore the depth of a fine whiskey. While drinking wine from the bottle is acceptable, and kicking back a beer can be done from the can or bottle too, whiskey is not something you ever touch in the bottle itself. It is all about the presentation.

First, clear glassware is critical. These are often referred to as Old Fashioned glasses, and they resemble a short-stack tumbler with a solid base and wide brim.

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  6. Our experts at SipDark are partial to the tulip-shaped copita nosing glasses too. They have a narrow top and wide bowl, which enhances the flavor profile of the whiskey — by giving it adequate breathing space. Then, the aromas are funneled into your nose with ease. For proper balance, the Glencairn Glass is ideal.

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    Glencairn glasses are specially designed to enhance your whiskey sipping not gulping experience. They are specifically designed in consultation with countries that have refined the art of distilling fine whiskey.

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    5. The Best Whiskey Glasses.
    6. Glencairn Glass.
    7. All their glasses have the perfect shape to boost nosing function and ensure the liquid is delivered to your tongue with just the right hints of oak, smoke, chocolate, or fruit. To flex your savvy whiskey skills, we recommend getting a whiskey glass based on the type of whiskey you are serving up.

      Got a fine Canadian?

      Whisky Glasses -

      Sipping on Scottish whiskey? The glass that is angled for nosing and tasting your whiskey makes a difference. If you are a trend follower or setter , then you know about designer whiskeys coming into the market.